Sociolinguistics and Forensic Speech Science: Knowledge- and Data-Sharing

New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV46)
Madison, WI

Vincent Hughes, Jessica Wormald, Erica Gold, Yvan Rose, Tyler Kendall, Natalie Schilling

2nd November 2017

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the potential value of greater collaboration between Sociolinguistics and Forensic Speech Science, with a specific focus on data sharing. The workshop consisted of a series of talks:

  • Vincent Hughes – Introduction (Slides)
  • Vincent Hughes, Jessica Wormald and Erica Gold – Forensics and sociolinguistics (Slides)
  • Yvan Rose – Building searchable corpora for linguistic and forensic analyses
  • Tyler KendallUsing large corpora in sociolinguistics
  • Natalie Schilling – Ethical considerations and implications for the collection of speech corpora for use in forensic casework

There was also a practical session in which participants conducted a phonetic analysis of a pair of forensically realistic recordings representative of the materials encountered in forensic voice comparison casework.

The full abstract for the workshop can be found here.


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