Forensic Speech and Audio Analysis

This course allows participants to gain an understanding of both the theory and practice of forensic speech and audio analysis. In addition to being introduced to underlying concepts and principles, participants will gain hands-on experience of analysing real casework recordings. The Department is recognised as a world centre for research in Forensic Speech Science and currently has UK research council funding of around £1.7 million for work in this field. For 9 years it has successfully run the world’s only MSc degree programme in FSS and has a cohort of PhD students working in the area. The CPD courses are taught by Departmental staff in conjunction with speech and audio experts from JP French Associates, the UK’s longest-established and leading independent provider of forensic speech and audio services to law enforcement, prosecution and defence agencies. The firm has a record of casework unrivalled in the UK, having been involved in over 5000 cases internationally since the mid-1980s.

Upcoming courses

15th – 18th March 2020
You can find out more information about this course here

Previous courses

15th – 18th September 2019
25th – 27th March 2019
9th – 12th September 2018
10th – 13th September 2017
26th – 29th March 2017
10th – 13th September 2016


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