• Ben Gibb-Reid: Investigating the phonetic properties of word tokens in interactional contexts and the implications for forensic voice comparison (WRoCAH funded)
  • Lauren Harrington: Exploring accent biases in human and machine transcription (WRoCAH funded)
  • Elliot Holmes: Towards linguistic-informed automatic speaker recognition (WRoCAH CDA funded; in collaboration with Aculab)
  • Samantha Williams: Language recognition with linguistic features (UoY Oversees scholarship funded)
  • James Zjalic: The use of likelihood ratios for the reporting of digital audio authentication conclusions


  • Jing Hoi (Justin) Lo (2021): Issues of bilingualism in likelihood ratio-based forensic voice comparison
  • Xiao (Bruce) Wang (2021): The effect of sampling variability on overall performance and individual speakers’ behaviour in likelihood ratio-based forensic voice comparison
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